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What is ChattaScooter?

ChattaScooter is a scooter rental program in Chattanooga –a convenient way to move around town! You just use a phone app to make the reservation, pay, grab the scooter & helmet and go!

How is ChattaScooter different from the “dockless scooter rentals”?

The main difference is that in the dockless rental model, scooters can be picked up and/or returned anywhere within a city zone. ChattaScooter can only be rented/dropped off at designated locations inside of a business. Our primary location is Adventure Sports Innovation at 191 River Street in Chattanooga’s North Shore; other locations to be announced and publicized as they become available. Also, in the ChattaScooter program, helmets are provided for riders at the rental pick up location.

What is the cost of a ChattaScooter?

The base price is $24 per hour, with a minimum rental period of 30 minutes. Beyond the initial 30 minutes, the rental time is measured in one-minute increments until the device is returned to one of our drop off locations.

How safe are the ChattaScooter given the Corona virus pandemic?

After each rental, the scooters and helmets are sanitized. Riding your own personal mobility device allows for social distancing more effectively than public transportation, while being more eco-friendly than driving a car, with no worries about where to park.

How do I pay?

All payments are handled through the Levy Electric Scooter App via credit/debit card. A receipt will be emailed to you upon trip completion. Note that a Pre-authorization debit may be incurred on your card.

How old do I need to be to rent?

You need to be at least 16 years old to rent a scooter, with a valid credit card, and after accepting the liability waiver.

Can I carry a passenger?

No, scooters are to be ridden by only 1 person.

What happens if I need to park during my trip?

If you need to temporarily pause your ride, you can use the Levy App to lock the vehicle. This will prevent the
wheels from moving and activate an alarm in the case the scooter is picked up or moved.
If you are out of sight of the vehicle, you should always physically lock the scooter to a bike rack or other
suitable pole.
Always park out of the pedestrian right-of-ways.

Do you need to use a helmet?

Yes! Adjustable helmets will be provided at the rental point.

Where do I return the scooter when I'm done?

You can only return the scooter back to the original location where you rented from, or to another designated
ChattaScooter location. Consult the Levy App for address and GPS routing to find our locations.

What happens if I don’t return the scooter to an approved location?

If the scooter is not returned to an approved location, there will be a $100 penalty charged to the renter’s
card, assuming we are able to locate and access the scooter and it is undamaged. After the 2nd infraction of an
improper return, in addition to the penalty, the user account will be cancelled.

How long will the battery last?

For city riding, the battery will last approximately 15 – 18 miles on a full charge depending on usage habits and
top speed. When reserving through the app – we will show the estimated range of the vehicle..

What if the scooter runs out of battery while I'm on my trip?

If your scooter runs out of battery – it is the rider’s responsibility to get it safely returned by car / taxi back to
original rental location. We will always show the available range left on your vehicle to prevent this from

What are the scooter's braking mechanisms?

The scooters have two brakes:
1) The handlebar brake lever which operates a disk brake.
2) The rear manual brake which is activated by stepping on the rear fender.

What happens if I'm in accident?

All riders in any type of accident are required to report the incident to local police, and we also ask that your report to Levy customer service at (917) 409-7081 immediately afterwards.

Can I ride at night?

No, the Chattascooter program is a daytime operation only. Rental hours will vary be season – Our seasonal
hours will be available on the Levy App.

Do the scooters have lights?

Yes, our scooters are equipped with headlights and tail lights that must be turned on after sunset.

Who to contact if I have any issue with the app or the scooter?

Please call (917) 409-7081 for customer service

Where can I find the rental agreement?

Click here to download

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