Scooter rentals downtown Chattanooga  !  Chattascooter  has a new location at The Holiday Inn in downtown Chattanooga, at the corner of 5th and Chestnut Streets! This is the closest location to the Aquarium and other popular Chattanooga attractions. ChattaScooters are extremely easy to rent, whether you’re in Downtown (Holiday Inn & Suites), or the NorthShore (Adventure Sports Innovation)!  The program is designed for riders 16+ years old, and always one rider per scooter.

Just download the Levy app on your phone (Apple or Android), complete your profile, fund your wallet, scan your scooter and start scootin’! 

Scoters must be returned to a designated location, you will not be able to stop the ride anywhere else. You’re not allowed to ride inside Coolidge Park.  

**UPDATE** ChattaScooters now available on the Southside at the Chattanoogan Hotel

The ChattaScooter network, private on-demand scooters and part of Adventure Sports Innovation now has 3 locations:

  1. Northshore at Adventure Sports Innovation at 191 River St (Right across from the Carousel at Coolidge park) open Wed to Sundays from 11am to 5pm
  2. Downton at the Holiday Inn at 434 Chestnut st (Chestnut & 5th) – open 24hrs a day 7 days a week
  3. Southside at the Chattanoogan Hotel (1201 Broad st.) also 24/7.  

Now, the same account can be used to unlock 2 scooters.


For more information, check out our frequently asked questions where you can find out more about scooter rentals downtown Chattanooga.